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Farbs’ ‘Captain Impostor’ Now Available

captainimpostorDo you guys remember back in 2009 when a little known developer won the IGF China award and skyrocketed towards popularity? That developer, Farbs, has kept his promise of delivering new content in the saga of Captain Forever–this time releasing the third episode titled Captain Impostor. Captain Impostor continues the tradition of adding fresh and new gameplay elements to Farbs’ now-classic template established by Captain Forever and later improved and beefed up in Captain Successor.

However, Captain Impostor changes some gameplay elements radically. Farbs outlines most changes and additions in his blog post below. One thing is for sure before you even start reading, though: if you’ve never played even Captain Forever (which is free to the general public) now is the time to try it out. A subscription to Farbs is a one time fee of $20 and will earn you access to Captain Successor and Captain Impostor (as well as whatever future titles Farbs will be releasing).

“What’s like Captain Successor but faster, shootier, and in every way pew-pewier? It’s Captain Impostor!

This new episode in the Captain Forever series wraps up the Captain Successor story arc and experiments with an alternate construction mechanic. Forget the drudgery of module-by-module construction – now with a tap of the SHIFT key you can steal a nearby vessel’s entire configuration! Has your ship become damaged or uninteresting? Tap SHIFT again to discard it, then find something better to copy.

DISCLAIMER: The level of cloned modules is determined by Clone Power (CPW). Clone power is reclaimed from nearby command module destruction accidents and consumed through activation of the clone drive. It is recommended that the clone drive be used sparingly to maximize CPW.

So that’s it for Captain Forever, right? Of course not! I’m already planning the next episode. I expect to bring back construction and to add some larger game systems that span multiple playthroughs.

Supporters can play Captain Impostor RIGHT NOW, and non-supporters can consider it another reason to register.

<3 Farbs”

From the time that I’ve spent with Captain Impostor, its main mechanics are what separate it from its predecessors. Overall, however, it still has that great Captain Forever vibe of obscurity and is a ton of fun to play. I encourage everyone to check it out!