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Browser’s Best: REDDER, Redivider, SteamBirds

Browser's_Best_March_25Each week Browser’s Best profiles a trio of web-based/flash indie games, selecting one of the three to spotlight as the week’s must play.

Yes, thank you for joining us once again Browser’s Best, you really couldn’t have picked a better time to show up as we have an incredibly solid triplet of games to showcase.

This week we’ve spanned the browser globe (internet) and have dug up three completely different, completely awesome games including a turn-based flight combat title, an immersing exploration platformer and a frantic arcade line ‘em up. Read up, and go play.

Redivider (Bite-Sized Approved!) – A Java-based arcade experience with simple controls and a simple premise, good start to a good browser game. More importantly, Redivider is a palindrome, a motif the game certainly relates to. In each level, you have 10 seconds to, as instructed, divide or eliminate the circles depending on the color. Green’s destory, Blue’s divide, but watch out for the Grey’s as they force you to retry the level if touched.

Really fun gameplay aided entirely by the fact that you have a ten second fuse on the situation you’re staring at and have to act fast. It packs 30 levels in all and lasts 5-10 minutes a play-through give or take either way depending on how many times you have to reassess a situation. The game is by Nathan McCoy, who we might need to do a profile on as he apparently releases a new game every single Wednesday! (Currently on his ninth release)

SteamBirds – A very fun and quite involving turn-based flight combat game by Andy Moore. Steambirds goes by the old adage easy to play, hard to master; well at least until you get the hang of not flying in front of planes or off the map. As I played through it I came to the conclusion that it’s fairly basic for a strategy game. I’d love to see an evolved version with more units both enemy and friendly, more and more randomized battles, etc. Not slighting the experience at all, just the opposite: I enjoyed the game so much I wanted more.

The controls are completely mouse driven to plot out the correct course to both pursue your enemies and make sure they can not put shots on you, which both deal damage and effect what you can do for subsequent turns. The music is fantastic, can’t tell you how much I love good music to go with my web game, it instantly draws me in.

While Redivider offered the bite-sized gaming more typical to browser gaming, this one will have you playing and thinking for much longer, and that’s not a bad thing.

[Must Play] REDDER – An amazing non-linear exploration platformer with depth, Anna Anthropy’s REDDER greets you with an intro of your character’s ship landing on a red planet. Why is he/she landing on the planet? Apparently to explore, and that’s good enough for me.

Thanks to a great jumping ability (must be the shoes?) the game isn’t about having to learn a situation by dying repeatedly. If your a competent platform player you’ll find dying is fairly easy to avoid as you scale the vast world. The goal is to solve the alternating green/red block switch puzzle mechanic, both the single rule and only vessel the world seems to be driven by.

The character really captures that lone explorer feel, the backgrounds look great for gradients, and the music is perfect for the game (credit to Amon26) which; added up, makes for an atmospheric experience.