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Zero Gear Beta Update Released on Steam

Zero-GearThough the game doesn’t release until next Tuesday, Nimblebit’s indie kart racer Zero Gear has released an update that can be downloaded by those who pre-ordered and have access to the beta.

If you’re unaware, those who buy the game before its release on January 12 get a 25% discount off the total price along with early access to the vehicle combat racing game. If you do have the beta set-up on Steam the update will begin when you restart the client. Full change log after the break.

Zero Gear

  • Initial dedicated server support, see readme.txt in the help directory for details
  • Added new Micro kart
  • Adjusted Kick It and Rinky Dink maps to maximize enjoyment
  • Chute Shoot now has bumpers
  • Ping times sorted correctly in the server browser
  • Screen blur shader removed as it was causing a lot of slow down for some people
  • Game pad mouse control defaults to off
  • Fixed the GG achievement