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PSP Mini ‘Alien Zombie Death’ Coming in January

alienzombiedeathThe only thing better than killing zombies is killing alien zombies. PomPom Games will be releasing a zombie game on the PSP (it’s about time). Alien Zombie Death, a shoot-em-up platformer, will see a release to the medium sometime in January and is reportedly going to cost $5.00. With no way back, you are a lone space man who must battle the alien zombies and kill as many as possible before dying.

PomPom Games are known lovers of retro titles and this game seems to reflect on that. With 14 levels of retro-style fun, the game will pit you against a multitude of alien zombies: some fat, some green, some that can fly, etc. To me, a retro platformer/shoot-em-up sounds just about heavenly and by the look of this trailer, there is much promise in Alien Zombie Death for PSP owners.

[Source: GamesPress]