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IGF China Finalist S.H.M.U.P Released

S.H.M.U.P.In S.H.M.U.P., you and up to fifteen circle ships defend a line of blocks from oncoming squares, circles and triangles while listening to chip tune music by Bart Klepka and Multifaros.

The game was one of the finalists at the Independent Games Festival at this year’s GDC in China, and it takes a laid back approach to the shoot-’em-up genre. You don’t really control the ships, they just follow your mouse while firing automatically. The only thing you do control are the missiles, which are in limited supply, but once you run out of those you’re limited to a guiding role.

Grab the demo here or hit the jump to read more and watch the trailer.

S.H.M.U.P. features persistent upgrades, so even if you die, you keep the power-ups you’ve earned so far. You’re pretty much expected to fail the first few times, slowly building up the points to buy faster shots and more powerful missiles. As your ships become more numerous and powerful, you can raise the challenge and the score multiplier by increasing the rate new waves appear on the screen.

And if you want, you can allow the game to access your twitter account, though I’m at a lost for a reason why you’d want to do that.

Word of warning, the demo requires XNA, which in turn requires Visual C#. If you don’t have either of those installed already, be prepared to download about 140 megs from Microsoft and spend many minutes installing programs you’ll probably never use again.