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Ronimo Games Win at Two Award Shows

swordsandsoldiersWhen you talk about indie developers and success, Ronimo Games should be mentioned. These are the same individuals who created de Blob, which later became an incredibly popular cross-platform title. But this isn’t about de Blob, rather it’s about their new game, Swords & Soldiers. For those who are interested (that’s all of you), Swords & Soldiers is a side-scrolling real-time strategy title on Nintendo’s WiiWare. The game allows you to choose from three factions, all battling for supremacy and the power of the gods.

With little of any idea that they would win, Ronimo Games embarked on a trip to the Dutch Game Awards in Amersfoort, where Swords & Soldiers won the “Best Original Game Design” and the “Control Magazine Industry” awards; that’s two awards out of the five nominations they received (Best Game, Best Visuals, Best Audio, Best Original Gameplay and Control Magazine Industry).

But the excitement for the team didn’t end there. In fact, only a few days later Ronimo visited the Europrix Multimedia Awards in Austria, where it was nominated for the “Games” category. Due to a pleasant surprise, however, Swords & Soldiers won not only the “Games” category award, but also the “Overall” award of the night! We’d like to congratulate them on their efforts and rewards. I encourage any of you with a Wii to check out more info about their title right here.

Trailer after the break!

[Via GamesPress]


  • salejemaster

    we need this for the pc on steam :)

  • Geoff Gibson

    Haha that looks great! I agree, I’d much like to have this on PC.

  • salejemaster

    I actually think there was some talk that this might be coming to the pc later on but can’t remember where I read it for the life of me