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AI War: The Zenith Remnant Dated, Pre-Order Available on Impulse

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Update: Chris Park of Arcen Games has informed DIYgamer that the January 12 release date is currently tentative, but will most likely release on or around that day. Park explained that there’s still much to be done for the expansion and he’s against putting up a target release date and then having to release something that potentially may not be finished. Impulse users won’t have access to the beta right away, but don’t worry, Park states that he plans to have full license keys and beta codes sent out within a week.

Original Story: With the ever-developing beta in full swing, AI War: Fleet Command expansion ‘The Zenith Remnant’ has received a release date, set to arrive for PC January 12 according to Impulse’s pre-order listing for it. The expansion brings quite a lot of new content to the game including 80-100 new ships, at least four new map styles, 12 new AI types, an additional minor faction, new music and more.

Most of the features provided are estimates as the expansion is currently in beta with the developer constantly tweaking and updating based on community feedback. The beta is currently open to those who pre-order through the developer, though its unclear if the same is true for those who go through Impulse.

We’ve sent word to Arcen Games to get some confirmation on the release date listing as well as whether Impulse pre-orders get access to the expansion’s beta, any response shall be posted.

Features list after the break.

AI War: The Zenith Remnant Features

  • 80 to 100 new ships, including:
  • At least 12 new ship classes with a variety of abilities
  • At least 6 massive “Golem” ships
  • At least 5 new “capturables” other than Golems
  • Several new ships for allowing players expanded ways to control fleets
  • At least 4 new map styles
  • At least 12 new AI Types
  • A new, neutral minor faction in the galaxy: the Zenith Aliens (NPCs)
  • 30-40 minutes of new in-game music tracks
  • At least two universal new AI ship subsystems (like Astro Trains)