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WiiWare Receives Japanese Indie “Cave Story”

cavestoryIt’s rare to see an indie game from Japan release in the United States or Europe. However, Nicalis–who will be porting Daisuke Amaya’s popular Japanese hit–will see to it that Cave Story, an NES styled platformer,  will be released on Nintendo’s WiiWare. The story pits you, the hero Quote, onto an island threatened by an evil doctor. Gieson Cacho reveals some interesting details to the gameplay in his recent preview, noting that the 8-bit experience allows Quote to shoot in eight different directions. As you progress in the familiar platformer environments of the game (take on a few enemies, jump from here to here, beat this boss, jump here, etc.), you will eventually earn upgrades for your reserve cache of more than ten weapons.

Cacho also notes that “The team porting the Cave Story over lets players mix and match old-school graphics and new music and vice versa. Letting them create an experience fitting their tastes.” Cave Story will contain hours of gameplay and even three different endings (depending on your level of completion). Well done, Daisuke Amaya, this might actually give me a reason to dust off my Wii and turn it on after a 7-month-long hiatus.

The release date for WiiWare has yet to be announced.