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Metal Drift Sure is Drifty [Preview]

game-screenshot-10What do you get when you combine arena style gladiator matches with goal based objectives all set in the distant future with hover tanks? That’s right, Metal Drift! Your so clever!

Arena styled multipayer games are nothing new. I’ll be the first to say it, Metal Drift doesn’t really innovate in any way. What Metal Drift does do, however, is supply some fairly good arena multiplayer matches.

Metal Drift is set in the distant future where arena tank battles are the new sport and you, their newest sportsman. There are two teams (6 vs 6) in a no hold bar deathmatch to get the ball from the middle of the arena into the other teams goal. Think soccer, but with missiles, tanks, and… well… drifting.

Each match you complete you get a specific amount of experience which then leads to you gaining levels. The higher your level the more weapons and armor options there are to choose from. When’s all said and done there is a very respectable 56 tank configurations you can choose from.

I must give you a slight warning though, the game is definitely leaned towards players who have been playing longer than others. I know that sounds like common sense, but think of it this way: imagine if in Halo all the dweeby little kids who played 12 hours a day for a year were better, not because they have an unbelievable ability to get perfect headshots everytime but because the level system rewarded them with better weapons and armor. That’s what Metal Drift does. Suffice it to say, even in the relatively small beta, I was getting my arse thoroughly kicked by players and bots with better equipment.

That said though, my time with the game was actually a pretty good one. The game gives you a somewhat unique perspective and the action is fairly fast paced. Everything runs smooth and the game seems very polished. Despite my complaints of being an underpowered newbie, I did manage to get a few kills so it’s certainly not impossible and you will gain levels… slowly but surely, win or lose.

I look forward to when the game gets a full release and I can give you guys a more in depth review. Until then you can get into the beta by pre-ordering the game from Steam ($9.99 is a pretty good price!) and you can have access to it right now. Either way the game releases in little over a week, and I’m looking forward to kicking some more tank ass.

[Metal Drift]